This blog is for everyone over 50 who remembers and everyone under 50 who wants to know.


There are things in life that you will never understand or appreciate without the benefit of having lived long enough. For those of us who grew up in the 1960’s, there were so many things that we believed to be true that turned out to be completely wrong. (Getting a suntan is good for you!) There were so many expectations we had that never happened. (Everyone was supposed to have flying jetpacks by now!!) As well as unexpected changes that we could have never imagined. (Donald Trump is President of the United States!!!) And there were so many unavoidable and commonly shared experiences that come with age that nobody ever tells you about when you’re younger. (Large breasts and big penises just get in the way when you’re old.) Some of these things are funny, some are sad, and some are thought-provoking, but all of them can bring a better understanding of living in our society.


The title and concept of this blog came from a running inside joke between my wife and me. When we first got together we often found ourselves making cultural references to things that we realized no one under a certain age would understand — movies, TV shows, music, celebrities, newsworthy events, etc. Whenever that happened, we would follow it up by saying, “If you were 30, you’d have no idea what I was talking about.” Now that we have been together for almost 20 years, we’ve had to update that by saying, “If you were 50, you’d have no idea what I’m talking about.” Which, admittedly, is a little depressing.


There are so many people, places, things and memories that bond those of us of a certain age together. The fact that most of it is being forgotten by younger generations is a little scary to me. I will leave it to the scholars and teachers to document and pontificate on the larger historic milestones. My goal is to stir up fond memories and to make observations about some of the smaller and more

idiosyncratic changes in our social mores, pop culture and recent history. 


So, for everyone over 50, I am going to remind you of the way things were and revel in the ironies of what we’ve become. For everyone under 50, I’m going to give you some insights into the past and prepare you for some of the inevitabilities in your future. And, if I do it right, I will do all of this with insight, humor and hope. 

I plan to update this blog with at least one new post every month. I invite all of you to subscribe and send me your comments. I am curious to know who’s reading this and to find out where it might take us. Think of it as hitchhiking. (For those of you under 40, hitchhiking was a common mode of transportation before Uber.) You’re the hitchhiker and I’m the stranger who just picked you up in my car. Now you get to sit back and enjoy the ride while you get to know me and secretly hope I’m not some kind of psycho who’s going to going to do terrible

things to you. It’s relaxing, interesting and a little bit frightening all at the same time. For both of us.

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